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3-in-1 Robot Car with Bluetooth IR and Tracking Module

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3-in-1 Graphical Programmable Robot Car with Bluetooth IR and Tracking Module Aluminum Alloy STEM Steam Robot Car Toy for Micro:bit BBC Mainboard (Without Micro:bit Mainboard )

.STEM education: suitable for children over 8 years old to learn electronics and programming education
.Fun: before using the robot, you need to assemble it yourself, without glue and welding, and with scalability, we offer 2 expansion packs, you can Convert to 3 different types of robots, basic models, clip models and lift models.
.You can change the function and direction of the robot through graphical programming and Python programming to create more games, let the children enjoy the process of creation, and encourage children to create and solve problems by themselves, this will be a real steam educational toy
.Picture programming: use Micro:bit graphical programming interface, can be used over 8 years old, compatible with android (not compatible with IOS), it also supports JavaScript graphics programming, Python and other microprogramming methods
.Transmission methods and functions: Controlled by Bluetooth transmission and infrared remote control, it supports a variety of functions: singing, dancing, tracking, tracking, light color, and interaction


Age Range: 14 Years & up
Age Range: Grownups
Theme: Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Model Number: 2599432
Power Source: Electric
Warning: none
Certification: 3C

.Material: Aluminum Alloy + Circuit Board
.Product Weight: 560g
.Package Dimensions: 20*20*8cm
.Package Weight: 900g
.Packing: Graphic Carton


.1 x STEM Toy
.1 x Breakthrough
.1 x Vertical Ultrasonic Sensor (Including Cable)
.1 x 3 in 1 Module
.2 x Aluminum
.1 x Aluminum Chassis
.1 x Ultrasonic Bracket
.1 x Servo Component
.2 x Arm Module
.2 x Universal wWheel Assembly
.2 x Motor
.2 x Screwdriver
.1 x Lithium Battery
.2 x Magic Stickers
.1 x Micro USB Cable
.1 x Infrared Remote Control
.1 x RJ45 Line
.2 x 6Pin Cable
.2 x Tire
.1 x Instruction Manual
.1 x Map
.1 x High-end Box
.2 x Servo Components
.2 x Clamp Arm
.4 x EVA Clip
.1 x Servo Package
.1 x Screw Package
.1 x Shovel
.1 x Servo Component
.1 x Letter Screw + Spacer
.1 x Screw Package
.1 x Servo Package
.2 x Forklift Left and Right Arm 

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